Monday, April 13, 2009

Issue 2 of Ahorn Magazine Now Online!

The second issue of Ahorn Magazine went live today. I am honored to have my series The Family Dig featured alongside all of the truly wonderful images and writing presented. Issue 2 also includes:

Nicola Kast's series How Can We Be So Different?, an interview with Andrea Diefenbach, Ian Aleksander Adams' essay On Fear and Photography, Adam Bell's review of Bertrand Fleuret's Landmasses and Railways, Shawn Gust's review of Alec Soth's Dog Days Bogotá, Daniel Shea's review of Robert Adams' seminal book The New West (recently reissued by Aperture) and an exploration of Magdalena Fischer's Things Unnecessary.

Daniel Augschoell and Anya Jasbar are doing wonderful things with Ahorn and I would thoroughly recommend showing your support by visiting the site! They also accept submissions on a rolling basis, so, if you're interested in submitting work you can find the guidelines here.

-Ben Alper