Friday, April 3, 2009

Josh Poehlein's Borderlands

Josh Poehlein's interdisciplinary series Borderlands seamlessly unites photography and drawing. The drawings could have easily ruined otherwise strong photographs, but Poehlein has found a harmonious balance between the two mediums.

For anyone in New York next Thursday, Oulu in Williamsburg will be hosting a reception for Poehlein and Chris Mottalini's exhibition.

The Range Presents The Photography Of Josh Poehlein & Chris Mottalini

Opening Reception
Thursday, April 9th @ Oulu
170 N.4th // Between Bedford & Driggs
Show Opens @ 7:00
April 9th - May 31st

From Top To Bottom:

"The Messenger"

"Passing Through"

"Rescue Mission"


"An Investigation"

All Images © Josh Poehlein