Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hijacked, Volume One: Australia and America

Hijacked, Volume One: Australia and America, the recently published monograph from Big City Press, has teamed up with Flak Photo for a feature that will share some of the photographs contained within the book. Below is a description of what Hijacked aims to accomplish.

"Shunning repetitive and predictable structures, Hijacked's aesthetic is directed by the mindset and energy of young and emerging practitioners. Embracing the prevailing wanderlust, their work exhibits a fascination with international subcultures, fragmented trends, alternate life styles and urban landscapes. Explorations of suburban pleasures are placed on par with 'high' artistic experimentation.

While assembling the visions of its contributors, Hijacked delves into the practical and conceptual issues of the world of contemporary photography. Interviews provide a social comment on the socio-scape of Australia and America, and highlights talking points from discussions with artists on communication, social awareness, capitalism and the impact of commerce on identity and artistic practice."

Make sure to check Flak Photo regularly for an overview of work from Hijacked, Volume One: Australia and America. Below are a few of my favorites from the images that have been posted so far.

From Top To Bottom:

Grant Willing, Car Interior, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2006

Greta Anderson, Float Like a Feather, Mount Eden, Auckland City, New Zealand, 2003

Timothy Archibald, Notes From The Appointment With Band Aid, El Sobrante, California, 2007

All Images © The Artists