Thursday, November 27, 2008

Martin Cregg's Process

Martin Cregg's series Process explores the shift from analog to digital technology in photographic practice. As he declares in his statement:

"I began collecting these 'end of the role' objects – abstract artefacts, twin-checks, unused and discarded remains of the analogue process itself – but nevertheless a integral part of it. They are abstract, yet familiar. Sometimes, by accident, they will appear amongst 'customers' everyday photos and index prints, which are inadvertently handed back from a photo-lab to the public – numbered 00, 00A, 37A, etc, etc. I began to scan these from the discarded film negative clippings at a high resolution, inflating these objects to print size. I have collected over 100 - each unique, diverse and intrinsic to the nature of a disappearing analogue photographic landscape. Even the photographic term of reference – 'process' itself, something which is invariably linked with analogue methods, will also disappear."

All photographs from the series Process

All Images © Martin Cregg