Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aaron McElroy's Dolldrums

Our friend Aaron McElroy has been working on a new body of work entitled Dolldrums. Frequently off-putting and disorienting, these images graphically distill what it's like to feel truly anonymous and socially alienated. As McElroy's pseudo-apocalyptic statement projects:

"The slant of street, a boxing in view, hinting at a despondent, yet choice-less voyeurism. From the mouths poised in general street speak to a wordless tightness of keeping to oneself--there is still the stealing moment of each face---as if, yes, precisely that, we've stolen a private citizen. Such as, given up reaching them & reaching oneself, yet still a strongly perceptible humanity. A mass, a crawl, a version of polling generals on the street. Particularly while viewing the faces, we long for some trace of recognition on them, some un-numbing balance. Appears a familiar scar, pockmark, hairline. And, each person does bear the coveted resemblance in an indescribable anonymity. Recognize an average populous, a traceless foreboding, even a slightly humorous parting of lips, scrawl of an eyebrow."

All photographs from the series Dolldrums

All Images © Aaron McElroy