Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pertti Kekarainen's TILA

I received the new issue Aperture today in the mail today. Among the features I discovered the work of Finnish photographer Pertti Kekarainen, whose series TILA explores the boundaries of abstract perception. As Lyle Rexer writes in text accompanying the images:

"The desire, the need, to see is what these photographs evoke so decorously and yet so intensely. Our eyes are hungry for light, color, and form, because, as the philosopher Joseph Joubert wrote, 'without light there is no space.' But that hunger makes us vulnerable, and therein lies the terror. The spots of color remind us that at any moment a veil can be drawn over the world, and light can become darkness."

All photographs from the series TILA

All Images © Pertti Kekarainen