Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anders Krisár's Flesh Clouds

I've been meaning to post some of Swedish artist Anders Krisár's work for some time now. However, whenever I tried to unearth his name from my memory it always evaded me. In any respect, his series Flesh Clouds is a powerful and haunting portrait of human interaction. Unlike many practitioners who utilize photography's powers of illumination, Krisár abandons this favor of obscuration. The press release for his 2007 exhibition at Galerie Lelong declares:

"In the series, amidst a setting rendered in high detail is an amorphous haze of a figure. The figure is actually Krisár and others, naked and in motion, captured in an extended exposure time. Mysterious and evocative, the images speak of collective experiences and an uncertain sense of reality. In writing on Flesh Clouds, Iris Muller-Westermann, curator at Stockholm's Moderna Museet, notes that Krisar "searches for the invisible behind the visible, and the visible behind the invisible."

All Images © Anders Krisár