Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thobias Fäldt

I've known about Thobias Fäldt's work for a while now, however, only recently have I grown a stronger appreciation for it. I initially wrote him off as yet another photographer conforming to the snapshot trend in contemporary photography. And, I guess to some degree, his images do possess some irrefutable snapshot qualities - direct flash, haphazardness of subject matter and a general aesthetic casualness. However, Fäldt's images transcend these attributes, or more specifically, use them to their advantage. His most successful images thrive from a pronounced sense of ambiguity, where context and geography are largely absent. It's as though each photograph has captured a cryptic moment either before or after some action has taken place. An action which is rarely resolved and that is, ultimately, unimportant. Fäldt makes us appreciate the 'in between' moments in life by revealing a strangeness in the banality of everyday life.

All Images © Thobias Fäldt