Thursday, October 30, 2008

Céline Clanet's Màze

The current Solo Show exhibition over at Humble Arts Foundation features Céline Clanet's series Màze, an exploration of the customs of the Sami people of Northern Norway. In her statement for Màze, Clanet explains:

"I have lived several months in Máze, up to the north of the Arctic Circle, in Norway. There, I met a quiet people, melancholic, captivating, very proud of their Sami village and territory, proud of these landscapes they are constantly gazing at with binoculars that they never separate from, even at home.

I have discovered this unknown European Arctic, this surprising indigenous people that most don’t know, or associate by mistake with Santa Claus, the Inuit, or igloos. I have seen ravages of cultural integration, this soft genocide that wears out spirits and floods souls with alcohol or self-negation.

I have pictured Sami people, houses, territory and reindeers that should not be here today, flooded with waters of a dam project that Norwegian government planned in early 70s, and fortunately aborted."

From Top To Bottom:


Marita, Linn, and the Dog

Jon's Herd

The Hytte

Looking For the Lost Reindeer

All Images © Céline Clanet