Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raimond Wouda's On Scale

Raimond Wouda's project On Scale is fittingly titled. Although I couldn't find any written explanation of the work, the thematic subject consistent throughout all the images is, well, an exaggerated exploration of scale itself. Wouda's slightly elevated perspectives and expansive tableaus hint at the sublimity rendered in Andreas Gursky's images. These photographs make us feel small, ultimately marginalized by the vastness of the landscape.

Wouda's website contains a number of interesting projects which I'd recommend exploring while you're there.

From Top To Bottom:

Col de Tourmalet, 1995

Lourdes, 1995

Ijsselmeer, 1997

Campione, 1997

Andalo, 1997

All Images © Raimond Wouda