Monday, October 20, 2008

Marleen Sleeuwits

I came across the work of Dutch photographer Marleen Sleeuwits today. Her interior images depict predominately institutional spaces with ambiguity and detachment. The seeming artificiality of these spaces is heightened by the use of synthetic lighting and an almost total negation contextual information. Sleeuwits photographs bring to mind a wonderful essay entitled Camera Vacua (posted on this blog here). In the essay, David Giles discusses the recent trend of "end-of- the-world photographs", the movement in contemporary photography that focuses on the depiction of formless institutional spaces. In her statement, Sleeuwits affirms:

"Now I am researching the conceptions of time and place in my work. I want to create an image of time-placelessness, so the here and now is taken out of the photo. For example, in my last sequence, all the interiors are made inside and exclusively with artificial light, so you lose the feeling of day and night. In addition, it becomes no longer obvious as to where the space actually is. A photo of a shopping mall in Shanghai could just as easily be of a waiting room at Schiphol airport."

From Top To Bottom:

Interior no. 8

Interior no. 2

Interior no. 6

Interior no. 7

Interior no. 5

All Images © Marleen Sleeuwits