Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elinor Carucci At Mass Art

For anyone in the Boston area Monday, November 3rd, Elinor Carucci will be giving a lecture at 2 pm on the 4th floor of the Kennedy building at Mass Art. This event is free and open to the pubic, however, space is limited so show up a little early if you know you want to go. Carucci will (most likely) be discussing the impetus behind her projects Crisis and Pain. In the statement for this work, she avows:

"'Crisis' was taken during a very difficult time in my relationship with my husband, Eran.

It was photography that allowed me to be able to step away, to see what was going on, even what is about to happen. The fact that Eran let me take those pictures, in the middle of these difficult situations, in a way, reconnected me to him. And at times he used my pictures to tell me what he couldn't say.

During the same period of time I had also dealt with severe back pain, I made a series of self-portraits, describing my pain and the different treatments I went through, I titled this series 'pain'. Having this pain was also one of the catalysts for the marriage crisis to happen, so for me these two bodies of work are connected."

Elinor Carucci Lecture
Monday, November 3rd @ 2 pm
Mass Art, Kennedy 406
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA

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