Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bryan Graf's A Garden State

I found Bryan Graf's series A Garden State today, a project revolving around a specifically small section of the New Jersey Turnpike. As John Pilson writes:

"Here is an example of true obsession. A boy and his unflinching devotion to The New Jersey Turnpike as metaphor for the fate of civilization. And damn if he isn't absolutely right. “Just as ghosts came before out of the past so now likewise out of the future.” a quote from Berthold Brecht's Fatzer and a perfect description of work that conjures both the political and the uncanny. A heavily surveilled freeway designated as the most dangerous two miles in America, fear as specter of things to come and the knowledge that the default composition of the fixed surveillance view, now benign, will also frame the next disaster."

All photographs from the series A Garden State

All Images © Bryan Graf