Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From Here To There

Katie Shapiro e-mailed me today after happening upon The Exposure Project website. As it turns out, she is a member of the Los Angeles based art collective From Here To There. Their site is well worth checking out when you get a minute. It's nice to find other artists that are working in a similarly collaborative manner. As their mission statement asserts:

"From Here to There is a collective of artists currently living and working in Los Angeles. Their practices range from photography to collage and include video, sound, and installation. What brings them together is their desire to combine their personal perspectives and various interests to create a greater dialogue through the art that they make. They meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss ideas both old and new, to hone their practices, and fuel each other through discussions, critiques, and conversations."

On The Floor

Image © Katie Shapiro