Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dave Jordano's Prairieland

Dave Jordano e-mailed me today with a selection of images from his series Prairieland. He thoughtfully chose a cohesive subsection of photographs from this body of work that "deal with the idea of how people express themselves through the environment of their own backyards."

I've always been fascinated by how people seek out their individuality through the decorum they surround themselves with. This kind of decorative ornamentation manifests itself out of a need for recognition and social validation. Jordano captures his proud subjects amongst their ephemera with an impartial eye. Many of the people become marginalized within the chaos of their creations, ultimately taking on the qualities of their inanimate lawn decorations.

Prairieland is an extensive project which is well worth exploring in more detail. I would also recommend Jordano's series Articles Of Faith.

All photographs from the series Prairieland

All Images © Dave Jordano