Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Plum Collective

Kelly Burgess e-mailed me yesterday announcing that she recently started a Boston based photography collective entitled Plum Collective. As the mission statement on the website declares:

"Plum is a collective of talented emerging photographers located in the Greater Boston Area. It functions as an organization for furthering the professional advancement of local artists and enriching the cultural landscape of Boston. Our hopes are that Plum will serve as a networking point for emerging photographers (of all ages) and also prove to be a resource for both local and national galleries.

Plum's goal is to not only bring artists together in collective form on the internet, but also with scheduled exhibitions and publications. There is a very small amount of photography being shown in the area, and we want to change that. With the recent news of many galleries in Boston closing their doors, Plum is looking to offer photographers a way to communicate with other artists in the area and exhibit their work."

They are currently looking for submissions for membership. So if you're a Boston-based photographer whose looking to get collaborative, you should pay them a visit!