Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mike Osborne

I found the work of Mike Osborne the other day via the OK! Fresh blog. He has done extensive work in China and Taiwan, capturing these cultures in the midst of great social and historical transformation. As Obsborne notes:

“Shooting in China and Taiwan, I found myself focusing on aspects of the public sphere that, perhaps somewhat paradoxically, fascinated me as a cultural outsider without necessarily being quintessentially ‘Chinese’ or ‘Taiwanese’ either. My pictures convey little sense of China’s 5,000 years of cultural history or Taiwan’s colonial past. I just couldn’t get over Beijing’s big broad streets, the over-sized ads, the sprawling construction, and the new buildings. One associates this breed of spectacle less with Communist rule than with capitalist economies. I suspect the things my pictures fixate on are every bit as foreign-seeming to many Chinese as they were for me.”

From Top To Bottom:

Beijing 2007

Beijing 2007

On Air: Taiwan, Taipei 2007

Pearl Tower, Shanghai 2007

Beijing 2007

All Images © Mike Osborne