Friday, January 2, 2009

Inka Lindergård & Niclas Holmström's Watching Humans Watching

I recently received an e-mail from Swedish collaborators Inka Lindergård & Niclas Holmström, whose project Watching Humans Watching explores formations of sightseers in landscapes, which until now, have gone relatively untouched by man. The images, however, seem to operate less as examples of the contentious relationship between man and nature, and more as inquiries into a kind of socially-minded herd mentality. In their statement, the duo proclaim that these human formations resemble constellations of Emperor Penguins in the Antarctic. They go on to state:

"Its suggested that even though the photographs depicts human beings in nature one can view them the same way one views a photograph of lions or zebras."

All photographs from the series Watching Humans Watching

All Images © Inka Lindergård & Niclas Holmström